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Types of wedding arches: know the right one for you

Although arch hires are more common in an outdoor wedding, that’s not necessarily the only place you can put a wedding arch. Arch hires can be of several different types, and each arch has a different style and design as well as different scenarios in which they can be placed. If you want to the perfect arch hire for your wedding in Melbourne, you need to know all you can about them.

Below is a list of some of the arches you can hire:

  • Draped arch hires: Arches with fabrics draped over them are the perfect arbours for a fairytale wedding. Not only do they give the wedding a perfect dreamy and flowy feel, but they also add a hint of paradise to your footsteps.
  • Circular arch hires: Circles hold the symbolism of unity and connection. The placement of a well-lit circular arch right behind the altar could make your wedding look like absolutely picture perfect. With you and your significant other standing in front of the arch reading each other your vows, the 2 of you will truly seem like a match made in heaven.
  • Half-moon arch hires: Whether you choose to adorn it in the whitest of flowers or the pompous presence of multicoloured balloons, a half-moon arch could give your wedding the celestial backdrop you didn’t know you needed. After all, what’s a wedding without a few ethereal elements?
  • Pampas arch hire: Pampas grass is known to be the best form of ornamental grass and is increasingly gaining popularity for wedding Often used as wedding centre pieces and as wedding arches, pampas is capable of being customised for any colour palette or theme. Additionally, they can be placed in any shape you wish, be it a heart or a straight line. Due to its popularity, you can easily opt for a wedding arch hire in Melbourne for pampas, even if you think it might be a little too late.  
  • Lighted arch hire: While opting for wedding arch hire in Melbourne with lighting, the first thing you need to decide is whether you want the lanterns to be vintage or geometric. If you don’t want lanterns, you can also opt for string lighting. After you choose the lighting you want, a bold shaped frame (whether a triangle or a hexagon) could adequately complement the lights you place with it.

After assessing the options, you need to decide which will be ideal for your wedding. While a pampas arch hire would be perfect for an outdoor wedding, a half-moon arch could be the magical addition to your wedding room.

At Elegant Occasions, we have any and every option available for you to choose from. To learn more about our collection or get a quote for  wedding arch hire in Melbourne, you can contact us at or 0419528337.