McPherson Wedding, Glendower

The McPherson wedding was held this February on Valentine’s Day weekend. The bride carried white lilies and purple lizzianthus, white Singapore orchids, enhanced with dodda vine. She was delighted with her bouquet.

Both the ceremony and reception were held at beautiful Glendower Restaurant which features magnificent views. The guests witnessed the exchange of the vows under an elegant bamboo canopy.

Mr and Mrs McPherson smiled for their guests as the day of their wedding had finally arrived.

The guests were greeted with fragrant lilies and lizzianthus in tall vases with purple fairy lights to complement the bride’s bouquet.

The elegant 75cm tall vases allows the guests full view while enhancing the atmosphere in the room.

The individually iced cakes were given to guests in clear boxes adorned with matching ribbon. The cake was raspberry swirl iced white topped with purple Singapore orchids. The guests were delighted with the taste and look of the cake.

Photography by Jason Vannan.

Glendower is a fantastic venue for weddings, but your choice of venue can be as simple as your backyard.