Bayview on the Park – Red Roses Wedding

White linen with simple centrepieces of red roses changed the atmosphere of this otherwise plain room for a March wedding at Bayview on the Park.


Lilies and red roses added a touch of romance to the bridal table. The twinkly lights of the backdrop removed the attention of the window in the background.


Aquariums of red roses with floating candles adorned the tables.


Simple three tier cake was embellished with red roses.


Bridal table was further adorned with crystal candelabras and candle sticks.


The red rose theme was also used to add a touch of elegance to the napkins, and red roses were printed on the place cards.


Although the ceremony was indoors, we created a romantic walkway with red roses and lanterns on the aisle. The backdrop had white pillars with roses and lilies.


The couple’s initials were used on the carpet to further personalise their ceremony.


Having the ceremony and reception in the same venue saves a lot of time and travel, and an indoor ceremony is just as beautiful as outdoor. Would you rather go to a wedding with the reception at the same location?